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March 19, 2008

The beginning of something beautiful

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So we’re sitting here in Chloe’s room and she suddenly signs us up to this blog thing. For lols, which is the main reason we do anything. We are students at the LSE who dream – literally – of being chefs. Not everyone understands this dream. But when we found each other (Tina and Chloe) we knew: it was fate. Although we had lived side by side for 18 years, we never knew each other. Damn the border!

 We cook.. we eat and we do it damn well.

Although when we made popcorn, the kitchen filled with smoke the colour of mustard. Why? We shall never know. But since we live in halls with state of the art smoke detectors, it was quite the adventure.

Our greatest love is nigella lawson….. domestic goddess extraordinare. The afficinado of not only comfort eating…. but comfort cooking at its best. Such is our adoration for nigella that we decided to inagurate our blog with one of her most celebrated recipes (she even cooks it on regis & kelly) … the caramel croissant pudding.

Its essentially a bread and butter pudding but as she says… “a bread and butter pudding for angels to eat on clouds……”. Link yourself up and enjoy:

This is a fabulous, delicious and most importantly, easy recipe that requires such little effort its ridiculous.Feel free to leave out the bourbon, because we did and it turned out amazing still.  

Eat.. because life is too short not to……

tina & chloe

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