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March 19, 2008

Tofu surprise

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Tofu is sadly misunderstood by the Western world as a gross, bland health food eaten by vegans and losers. Fortunately we, who come from Asia, understand this magical substance for the amazing thing that it is. Tofu can be eaten in a variety of ways: fried up crispily with sweet chilli sauce, silky and steamed, in soup, or in a stir fry. While it is a substitute for meat for many a vegetarian, what sets tofu apart from its bloody counterparts is its ease of preparation. You hardly need to think about much preparing it, and unlike meat, tofu won’t go tough if you overcook it, and it’s really hard to screw up! You don’t need to worry about specific accompaniments because tofu is a versatile beast. It goes with anything. It is, if you will, the slut of the food world!

 For both of us, tofu has a special place in our hearts and our memories. Chloe’s mum blended chocolate and silken tofu and put it in a pie shell, which two-year-old Chloe gobbled up with glee. Tina’s favourite tofu memory is of her grandma making tofu sambal every Friday. The aroma was so intoxicating that the household would drop everything they were doing for tofu sambal.

Tofu is a cheap, tasty source of protein for students. It can be bought in any supermarket, but like the bargain hunters we are, we prefer the larger, cheaper, softer packets from Chinatown (not to mention the wonderful Chinatown atmosphere…any excuse will do!).



Tofu stir-fry

1 packet of tofu
1 packet of button mushrooms (about 250g), cut into quarters (including stem)
1 clove of garlic, sliced
Soy sauce, to taste
Chilli flakes, to taste (we added a nice fat pinch)
Brown sugar, to taste
Frying pan
Vegetable oil

1) Fry tofu till slightly brown
2) remove tofu and put aside on a plate
3) stir-fry the garlic
4) add the mushrooms and continue to fry until soft
5) toss tofu back in. Add soy sauce, brown sugar and chilli flakes. Let them get friendly on the hob for about thirty seconds
6) serve!

Eat well…because’s life’s too short not to!


Chloe and Tina!

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