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April 13, 2008


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I have occasionally been accused of eating nothing but this.  While that isn’t entirely true, bruschetta is my favorite quick meal, and it’s what I usually bring to shared meals.  It’s obviously best with garden-fresh tomatoes, but I even love it with the pale winter grocery store variety.

These are the rough proportions when using one medium sized tomato; it’ll taste different with every tomato, and can be adapted to more tomatoes…

One medium-sized tomato
One clove of garlic
Five or so leaves of basil
Salt to draw juice from the tomato
a Sploosh of balsamic vinegar (the juicier the tomato, the less vinegar you need)

Take the tomato and cut it into cubes.  Put the cubes in a bowl with some salt to draw out the tomato juice; let this sit while you chop the other ingredients.  Dice the basil and garlic, and add it to the tomatoes.  Add some balsamic vinegar to give the mixture some liquid, but not enough to cover the tomato.  The amount will depend on how juicy the tomato was.  Let the mixture set for as long as you can bear…the more it melds the tastier it will be, but you’ll have to wait to eat it.  If you’re just making it for yourself, serve the tomato on top of toast drizzled in olive oil.  For a fancier version, serve it on nice garlic bread, or slices of a nice bakery loaf with olive oil set under the broiler a few minutes. 

Bon appetit!


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  1. I tried this last night with some homegrown tomatoes and it was a true delight. My husband gave it an A++++ rating:)

    Comment by Jane Evans — May 25, 2008 @ 6:38 pm

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