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June 8, 2008

Cyber salad

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Because it’s exam season, none of us have been paying as much attention to cooking as we usually do. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had some truly spectacular meals – it just means I haven’t bothered to photograph them. In the interests of the historical record, however, here are a few links with recipes I’ve tried and loved in the past month of slog and worry.

Korean beef stew

A wonderful recipe. I used 500g (about a pound) of casserole steak which came diced into cubes and halved the rest of the recipe (more or less – see below for my modest variations).

I used small, hot peppers I bought at the grcoery store, unlikely to be jalapeno. I used a packet, which was three or four peppers.

I added about five cloves of peeled garlic at the beginning of the cooking process, adding three or four more after about an hour of cooking. This was not too much garlic! The garlic softened and sweetened deliciously.

Because I don’t like my food to be excessively sweet (even in those salty-sour-sweet combos, the sweetness often puts me off), I used 1/2 cup of soy and under 1/2 cup brown sugar (just over 1/4 I reckon).

I also added about a cup of water at the beginning of the cooking process and stewed it over moderate heat for ages. The original recipe says the meat should not be ‘falling apart’, but I prefer it to be tender and melting, so I let it cook for about half a day.

I served the stew with sliced cucumber and tomatoes. If I’d had sesame seeds and sesame oil, I’d have served this salad alongside.

Walnut-crusted chicken breasts

I rarely mess with one of Ms Martha’s recipes, although I did use only 2 chicken breasts. I used the same amount of topping nonetheless and a whole egg rather than an egg white. I used either olive or vegetable oil instead of grapeseed. This was wonderful. I served some to various friends who were disappointed when there wasn’t more. I was, too!


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