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November 26, 2010

My Family’s Signature Sandwich

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In my little town we have a fabulous bakery that makes an incredible cranberry-walnut bread. This sandwich was created around this fabulous bread, but I imagine any sort of sweeter bread with substance would work nicely. We usually use deli turkey for this, but given the time of year; I suggest leftovers.

Cranberry walnut bread (or other sweet, substantial bread)
light coat of mayo on one slice
turkey breast (we often use the “cajun turkey”, and the bit of heat is nice)
Cambazola or Blue Brie cheese
Bacon (if you’re feeling gluttonous)

You can serve this sandwich either cold, or warmed to melt the cheese. Very tasty!


July 30, 2008

So tasty and addictive and unhealthy that I have to share

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Fried chocolate sandwiches!  I place all blame on for this one!

Basically you put chocolate between two pieces of bread, butter the bread, and fry it.  Here are proper directions, though

I made the “student version” with the bread I happened to have around and chocolate chips, and it was still delicious.


July 27, 2008

This city deserves a better class of turkey sandwich…

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To be perfectly honest, I don’t usually like sandwiches (yes, I know that’s weird).  But I’m working full-time at an unpaid job, so packing a lunch became a necessity, and I am without the lovely thermos that I used in school to bring myself tasty leftovers. It seemed that some creative thinking was in order.  After a few sad days of PB&J and a chat with my housemate, I discovered an easy addition to a basic turkey and cheese sandwich to make it wonderful: Pesto!  I just take my slices of bread (I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s Tuscan Pane, a nice all-purpose sourdough), and plop on a few slices of turkey and cheese (provolone, brie, and havarti have all worked nicely for this).  Then, on the top slice of bread, I spread on a teensy bit of mayo, and a spoonful of pesto.  Delicious!

April 20, 2008

Patty Melts

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This is a food that to me is incredibly simple…I can’t imagine that people haven’t had it before.  The beauty of them is that they are a cross between a tuna salad sandwich and grilled cheese.  My family frequently has these for a weekend lunch, and they’re delicious.  As my Mom and I say, ‘They’re not as bad for you as they taste’

Ingredients (makes two sandwiches):
1 can tuna
1 heaping Tbsp mayonnaise
1 medium dill pickle, diced (or 1 tsp dill relish)
         you can use sweet pickle if you prefer, I just personally don’t like them

Cheddar Cheese 
4 pieces bread (use something that will grill and crisp up nicely, I like pita bread, white bread, or a light sourdough)
butter or olive oil to grill

Mix the tuna, mayonnaise and pickle to make a tuna salad.  Spread the tuna salad on bread and top with cheddar cheese, and then add the other slice of bread to make a sandwich.  Butter the bread (or drizzle olive oil) and place the sandwich in a frying pan on medium heat, so the bread gets crisp and golden and the cheese melts.  Make sure to toast both sides!  This is nice served with veggie sticks, crisps, pickles, and fruit.



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