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February 21, 2011

Group GORP

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A recent mixture of GORP based on what I had in the cabinets

Got some sort of group excursion that will require snacks? This is what my friends and I did in high school for trips. Have everyone bring one or two items to contribute to a snack mix. Throw everything into a really big bowl or bag, give it a shake/stir and then divvy it up into individual snack baggies. Generally it’s a good idea to have the leader/adult/most boring friend bring the base–some kind of cereal or pretzel, usually. My favorite contributions were always Swedish Fish candies and honey bbq Fritos. Other good additions are mixed nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, shredded coconut, Goldfish, flavored or yogurt pretzels, cereals, etc. Pretty much anything sturdy enough to handle some jostling will make a tasty addition to a sweet and savory mix. Though this can be a healthy snack, that really depends on your friends…
Have fun!


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