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August 9, 2008

FroYo (empasis on the Yogurt)

I’ve recently discovered and come to love a new food trend: Frozen Yogurt.  Now, I know you’re thinking of the stuff you’re used to that is basically diet ice cream.  This is different: this is amazing.  It is literally yogurt which has been frozen.  It still has the yogurt tang.  Delicious!  Here are two places where you can try some:

Tangy Sweet ( in Dupont Circle, Washington DC.
Has more flavors and toppings.  The Green Tea flavor is awesome!

SweetGreen ( on M Street, Georgetown, Washington DC.
Has wonderfully tasty salads, as well!

Even Columbus, OH has gotten in on the game, with Red Mango!

Know of any other places to get some?  Share with us!


PS: A great place to get a really good frozen yoghurt in London is at Muffinski’s, which is in 5 King Street, quite near Covent Garden. You can get a whole range of fruity flavours, including raspberry (delicious!), strawberry, blackberry, banana and, as far as I can remember, mango. The muffins are really nice too!
— Chloe


May 2, 2008

Russian Grocery Store in London

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It wasn’t long ago that I discovered the wonderful little Russian grocery, Kalinka at 35 Queensway in London (Queensway or Bayswater tube).  While most of the products are technically imported from Poland or Germany, you can find all your favorite Russian foods here (or introduce yourself to the delights of simple, tasty Russian food).  We went on a walk on a nice spring day (punctuated by hail…oops) and then had a picnic in Hyde Park, which is conveniently located just a block away.  We went for the ‘peasant lunch’ buying two types of sausage (кольваса), farmer’s cheese (сыр), black rye bread (чёрный хлеб), eggplant caviar, Russian pickles, and some квась (Russian soda made from fermented bread) and apricot juice to wash it all down, and then finished with some poppyseed cake and spice cakes (пряники).  Kalinka is also a great place to buy things like buckwheat flour for a good price, get a nice bottle of vodka, or explore the interesting world of Russian candy.

In short, we highly recommend this little gem of a store in a fun part of London.

For more adventures in Russia, please visit

(Apologies for any egregious Russian spelling errors, I don’t type in Russian often)

Как вкусно!

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